Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Remember to Make Halloween Memories...

As I am greeted by a small Super Mario and a wee witch riding a broom, I am reminded of a collage of memories of Halloweens many years past. I guess I enjoyed the creation of the costumes as much as anything. We never were the ‘go to Walmart and get the nylon suit and plastic mask’ kind of people; we tried to be a little more original than that.

There were the preschool kind of costumes with I guess my favorite, or most embarrassing for my adult child, costume was a hand-painted (by me) Superman emblem on a bright blue sweatshirt. It wasn’t the painting that made it embarrassing for him, but to create the look we needed the red Superman drawers to wear on top of the sweatpants. Being a resourceful mother, I told my four-year-old to wear a pair of red underwear on the outside. To this day if you look closely at the photos you can see the fly indicating that these super-pants were intended for a much more practical purpose.

The other thing I remember about Halloween with my kids was how much more they enjoyed it when we moved into a subdivision. We would walk with our neighbors as they approached every door collecting quite the haul of sweetness. The weather at the end of October was always unpredictable, and the year that I rented a gorilla suit for my oldest the temperatures after dark were hot enough to wear shorts. A fuzzy gorilla suit can be quite hot when walking a couple of miles.

My days of dressing a small James Bond or a budding rock star are over, but I’d like to remind those of you with little goblins to cherish the moments. This fall holiday offers you the chance to disconnect for a bit, interact over what costume to create, and then go on your candy quest. Carve a pumpkin, go on a hay ride, run through a corn maize – take a moment to forget the seriousness of life and play with your children. It won’t be long, and they will be in their thirties and you will be looking back at your collage of memories. Make sure to create a big one.   

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