Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Finished Project- Leave Him?

I remember exactly where I was, driving around the roundabout in Whitesburg, when I got the idea for this book. I had been sorting through the plot details of my great-grandma Ella Mae Pate’s story that I was planning on turning into a historical fiction novel based on her life, when in the middle of my circling the road God pointed me in a different direction. I clearly felt him speak to my spirit to tell my own life story alongside hers.

Most people would feel excited with this new direction and immediately embark on telling the tale. I instantly counted the costs and decided to lay the project down, not writing for two years. Why you might ask? I was excited to tell my grandmother’s story; telling her struggles and triumphs would be enjoyable. My own journey, on the other hand, was something I was not so eager to share, in fact, I had to get to know a person for quite a while, observing their character and their possession of forgiveness and grace, before disclosing my past. The thought of opening myself up, telling my version of my deeds, and letting readers inside my thought processes along the way was, and still is, terrifying.

During those two years of waiting, I had no doubt that this was the story I should tell, I just had to find the courage to tell it. Once I gave in to the task at hand, it took two more years to complete the work. Now, finally I have finished Leave Him? by Denise Reid and it is available on Amazon electronically or in print. (I will detail why I chose to publish it under the name of Denise Reid in my next blog).

When I received the proof copy of the book last night, I had a mixture of feelings that are still yet to be sorted out. Overriding those laced with fear, a feeling of accomplishment and a drive to finish the task prevailed.

You may read this book and think to yourself, ‘Is that all, why did she make such a big deal of sharing that,’ or you may read this book and think, ‘I cannot believe she could do ________.’ Regardless of the response, my goal now is that people read the book. I pray that it is used in some way. And yes God, I do listen; it just takes me a while sometimes to come around.

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