Friday, June 29, 2018

Why Don't You Sit A Spell and Talk?

A few days ago, I, along with my aunts and uncle and a couple of cousins, sat on a front porch and visited for a few hours. It wasn’t any front porch- it was my aunt’s and, also the home of my Great-Grandmother and Grandfather Hines.

From the road the house looks very similar to the memories I have of it as a child, with huge oak trees on both sides of the drive offering a shady break from the summer sun. Inside the home, my aunt has worked very hard to make the house her own. Her sweat and effort would impress the producers of ‘This Old House’ with everything from replacing the wiring to tiling the shower and floors. Her ability to do almost anything she sets her mind to has always inspired and impressed me.

After touring the finished product and enjoying a piece of homemade cake, we all went outside to sit a spell, as our ancestors might have said. I couldn’t help but think how the conversations of our predecessors would have been vastly different than ours. I’m sure they would have gathered there and talked of things like the weather with speculations of how long the summer showers might continue and their effect on their crops growing in the fields (they didn’t have weather radar and forecasters). They would have at times talked about the great wars and their concern for those fighting. They may have even shared about the struggles of living through the depression- All things we would never fully understand.

Yet, there are some things that both groups shared such as: we all spoke of family and neighbors, the birth of children, the health of the elderly, and upcoming marriages. It is that common ground that continues to connect the future generations with the past. It is the reason why it is important to stop and take a few hours to talk with those older than you. When I think back to those who have gone on before me, I never regret times taken to really listen to them. What I regret are the times that I missed because I was too busy and didn’t dare stop and sit a spell.

As I get older, I am trying to remember the importance of connecting and listening. One thing I have learned is that each day rolls into another and before long that thing that you have been meaning to do, like talk to grandma, goes away until one day you can’t; so take some time, pick up your phone or make time to visit with someone you love today. I wish I could talk to mine today!

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