Thursday, September 27, 2018

Have you ever felt compelled to do something? I mean the kind of feeling like ‘I have to complete this task! I was destined to do this before time began’ kind of feeling. That kind of compulsion doesn’t come around that often. In fact, I’ve only felt that way about a few things in my fifty-four years.
The most recent thing that I have felt compelled to do is to write the book, Leave Him?. Although there were times when I wanted to quit the task, times when I regretted the baring of my soul, and times when I felt writing and editing was just too hard, I pushed through to the end, publishing the book in May of this year.
The book took over two years to finish and took much out of me to write, but I will say that with it complete, I felt the satisfaction of accomplishing the job assigned. My struggle of late has been to figure out what to write next. As I think about my five in-progress works, I compare them to the feeling I had when writing Leave Him?. None of them seem to compel me in the same way. The struggle with this has made me realize that the writing of my memoir and the telling of my great-grandmother’s tale went beyond a desire to publish a book- this was a story that needed to be told.
I have decided on my next writing project, but part of my time will still be dedicated to further completing my compelling task with Leave Him? You see, the story that needed to be told also needs to be read. I am no stranger to marketing. I made a living selling advertising for many years, but marketing a book is quite a different undertaking.
Although the book is available for sale on in both print and Kindle versions, I do realize that some people don’t shop Amazon. I am working to have local places of business with print copies of the book for sale. The first location is Willis Jewelry Company located at 203 Adamson Square in Carrollton, Georgia. The owner, Chuck Willis, and I worked together on my first job many years ago at Baskin Robbins. The next location is the Therapeutic Lair at 723 E. College Street in Bowdon, Georgia. The owner, Leigh Hatten just might be mentioned in the book by the way. The third location is at the Wildwood Charm shop at 315 S. Hamilton Street in Dalton, Georgia. Wildwood Charm owner, Rebekah Conner, taught English with me at Douglas County High School for years. My latest local location is on the square in downtown Newnan, Georgia in Gillyweeds at 21 W. Court Street. Gillyweeds owner, Valerie Dumas’ mission is to feature local artists of all types in her shop.
Maybe you have thought about reading my book but ordering online isn’t for you. If so I hope launching these local purchase points will help. Selling more books is not my mission- I promise I have a long way to go before I break even on the expenses of publishing! I want to sell more books only because I want more people to read the book I felt so compelled to write.
For you people far away from our Georgia community, well I guess for now Amazon is your only choice. There are worse options. My delivery people know that we are Amazon believers since more than once a week they are dropping off a smiling box on our porch...

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