Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Finally... My New Book... A Fight for Life

Sometimes you feel as things are just dragging out, taking longer than they should, then you see something that makes you realize that perfect timing may come a little later than you thought it should. This happened to me as I finally uploaded my second book for publication. I finished writing the book in January, polished it up and got it ready to print by March, but it took until this week to get everything together for a launch. This morning as I looked at my publishing account I realized that I launched my first book, Leave Him?, May 15th of last year, so this year’s book was ready a day earlier.

When I mentioned to my mom that I had another book ready to release, I could hear the unspoken ‘Oh no, what is this one about?’ in her tone of voice. She seemed relieved when I told her that this one is “good, old-fashioned fiction with no family secrets to reveal.” I realize that some readers will be glad about this, while others will be looking for more of my personal story. I have to admit that publishing fiction doesn’t hold the same gut-wrenching feeling – that I am walking around naked feeling – that publishing a memoir does, but it is exciting to put a story I created out there to see if others will enjoy it as much as I have.

My latest book is called A Fight for Life.  In it Addie Wilson, a mother desperate to save her college-aged daughter’s life, will do anything.

Forced to rely on two men for her daughter’s life, Addie Wilson is pushed well beyond her comfort zone as a solitary, stained-glass artist to expand her relationships. Torn between one man that wants to control her and another that seems to open once closed off areas of her heart, her struggle takes her to see a prophetic dream play out.

Addie faces old and new fears in this vivid and thrilling fight for life. 

As with any book, if a reader knows the author they look for glimpses inside the author hidden within the characters or story line. I will give a few tips for those looking. I have dabbled in stained-glass but am far from a paid professional artist. I have been on a trip to Russia in the early 2000’s where I gained some insight into their culture. But be sure that this book is a work of my imagination, not personal history.

I hope that my characters come as alive to you as they are to me and take you on a journey through the pages of A Fight for Life. You can purchase the printed book for $9.99 and the Kindle version for $2.99 at

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